Swimming pools:

We make sure your investment lasts so you can enjoy it without any worries.

Our swimming pools have a 5 year warranty, which covers possible filtrations and structural flaws (it does not cover damage by natural disasters).

1 year warranty on swimming pool equipment that has been included with the pool, such as:

  • Filter, pump
  • Electric board and electricity grid
  • LED or Halogen lamps
  • Hydro-massage
  • Waterfalls
  • Hydraulics (high-pressure tubing)

6 month warranty on Gel Coat painting: The applied paint has a 1 to 3 year long durability provided the customer keeps regular maintenance work. Thus, our coverage considers the necessary time to detect an anomaly external to usual maintenance.

2 year warranty on fiberglass coating.

3 year warranty on Diamond Brite

1 year warranty on structure of pool edges:

  • Fulget
  • Deck
  • Natural stone
  • Athermic edges
  • Others

Filling warranty: the swimming pool will be filled with clean domestic water provided by the customer at the moment the project is delivered. It will be set up with the ideal chemistry for its use (pH and chlorine levels). Afterwards, the customer will be responsible for its maintenance.


1 to 4 year warranty on decks, barbecue areas, vehicle access, utility and storage rooms, amongst others.


6 month warranty on:
  • Vegetation: plants, flowers and trees
  • Construction and/or modification of confined spaces: slopes, hills, use of stones, wood and others.

Watering system

1 year for automated watering systems: hydraulic pipes, pressure valves, sprinklers and synchronized timers.