When a swimming pool is part of the yard or exterior space, all eyes go straight to it. Pool designing has become more and more diverse and attractive, which is why we constantly innovate in this area. Today we have a record of 50 finished swimming pools.

Our services consider:

Customized swimming pool design

We listen to every customer's requirement. Based on this we suggest the design, and floor and surface coating.


  • Infinity pool
  • Rectangular
  • Freeform
  • Circular
  • Semi-olympic
  • Communal
Mainly built using concrete with fibre glass, mosaic and Diamond Brite coatings.

High quality finishings

Non-slip Fulget stone, natural stones, concrete, decks with sun and water resistant wood (mahogany, steamed oak, almond tree wood, walnut, amongst others).


In order to prevent accidents and falls, we provide the installation of:

  • Perimeter fences
  • Locking plates
  • Perimeter alarm
  • Electrical certification
  • Customer safety manual
  • Certified electric equipment
  • Remote cameras


  • Equipment maintenance
  • Pump repair
  • Light and electricity
  • Water cleanup and maintenance